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Simplify caring for your aging loved ones with SimpliTend senior and caregiver mobile apps.

The FIRST mobile application built exclusively for our working family caregivers!

Try it yourself. Download now.

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Senior using mobile phone
SimpliTend senior app home screen
The App

How the Apps Work

Mother taking care of children and using SimpliTend mobile app to care for her father
senior walking in park

Simplify Senior Care with Our Mobile Apps

SimpliTend is a single release package that contains two smartphone apps: one for caregivers and one for seniors. To ensure safety, the senior app simplifies the senior's device while allowing the senior to manage their medication and activities. Furthermore, the apps link the senior's and caregiver's mobile devices, informing the caregiver of their loved ones' whereabouts and activities as they tend to their own children, job, or personal business.

The SimpliTend application is installed on both the senior's and caregiver's smartphones. The senior application keeps them safe by providing a simple user-friendly home screen with just 5 large buttons: Call, Chat, Apps, Direction, and SOS. The Direction and SOS buttons are pre-programmed to the senior's home address and emergency 911, respectively. The SOS button can also be configured to call a friend or family member. The SimpliTend app reduces the displayed preloaded apps to only seniors’ favorite applications*, reducing the clutter and bloatware on senior’s phone. Seniors can select up to 10 (can be set to 50) friend and family contacts to communicate. This feature* avoids unwanted calls, robocalls, and spam calls while allowing your aging loved one to safely use their smartphone and communicate with their friends and family.


The senior's smartphone and the caregiver app sync over the cloud, enabling the caregiver to receive activity alerts and prescription reminders via the senior's phone. The software will also let the caregiver know if your loved one has strayed too far from home or activated the emergency SOS number. Review complete list of features

* Performance may vary for Android or iPhone smartphones

Download it from App Store
Get it on Google play store


Elder man using SimpliTend mobile app

Senior App

  • Simplified phone experience

  • Limited contacts ​​​

    • Default 10 friends and family, can be reset to 50 contacts

    • Displays relationship for each contact

  • Blocks unwanted calls

    • Displays calls from Friends and family contact list only​

    • All other calls including spam calls are blocked (performance varies for IOS and Android operating systems)

  • Preprogrammed button on phone home screen provides turn by turn direction to your home

  • Preprogrammed button on phone home screen to chat with caregiver

  • Medication and activity reminder

  • Meal reminder (BF, lunch, dinner)

  • One touch SOS call from smartphone home screen

    • Can be reconfigured to call the caregiver or other family member​

  • Shows only your favorite apps

    • ​blocks unwanted apps and show only your favorite apps (performance varies for IOS and Android operating systems)

  • All reminders can be turned off

  • and more...

mother caring for her child and using SimpliTend mobile app to care for his father

Caregiver App

  • Receive notification from senior's app

    • Medication reminder​

    • Medication refill 

    • Activity reminder

    • Senior skipped meal (BF, lunch, dinner)

    • Senior initiated an SOS call

    • Senior requested direction to home

    • Geofence alert

    • Low battery

    • Ability to selectively turn off reminders

  • Review and update your loved ones medication and activity reminders

  • View your loved one's location

    • View Senior's location from caregiver dashboard

    • Create a Geofence and receive notifications if the senior leaves the area.

  • Preprogrammed button on caregiver dashboard to chat with senior

  • Receive daily news articles relevant to caregivers

  • and more...

$5.95 Plus Tax


charged monthly

Cancel anytime!

Download it from App Store
Get it on Google Play

How to install 

Step 1:

Senior initiates the app on his/her device and invites the caregiver

Your aging loved one must install the SimpliTend app on his or her smartphone, create an account, and provide caregiver's* contact information. SimpliTend will then send the caregiver a secure email with a time-based, one-time password.

Please keep in mind that the apps require both the senior and the caregiver to be registered.


(*) Only one caregiver can be selected

SimpliTend app installation screenshot
SimpliTend caregiver app installation screen

Step 2:

Caregiver installs the application on his/her device

After receiving the SimpliTend invitation email, the caregiver can install the app and create an account. The caregiver will then be asked to enter the one-time password and pay the subscription fee. Once completed, the caregiver's and senior's phones will be synced, allowing the caregiver to review his/her loved one's profile and receive notifications.

Please keep in mind that the apps require both the senior and the caregiver to be registered.

About Us

Our Story

Keep your loved ones at home

Caring for elder parents is a 24/7 job, and most family caregivers are working full-time, and some have family of their own to care for. I learned this when my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson disease 11 years ago and my sister and I had to care for her since my father was too old to help.  At the time, my sister was working full-time, and I had just started my first startup company. Assisted living or Nursing home care was not the answer due to high cost, our unique cultural obligations, and the fact that my mother preferred to stay with family. Our story is not unique, most family caregivers have similar responsibilities. Being at work or at your children’s activities, you always worry if loved ones are safe, taking their medicine on time, are back home from their daily walk, or worse, they are being hassled by a sales call or a scam email.

We at SimpliTend understand the difficulties of caring for our loved ones, and our mobile applications are designed to keep caregivers informed while keeping our loved ones feeling independent and safe. Our goal is to keep the elderly with their families and delay the need for an assisted living or nursing home until there is a valid health reason.   


Listen to what our community has to say.

The SimpliTend one-of-a-kind dual mobile application ensures seniors' safety and independence while providing family caregivers with peace of mind.


"So happy with your customer service. Thank you. 

I never get responses regarding the problems I have with the care smart app."


Meet Our Partners

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  • What is SimpliTend application?
    SimpliTend is a mobile application designed for seniors and caregivers. The app's function is to keep seniors safe while providing caregivers with peace of mind. The senior app safeguards them by including two preprogrammed, easy-to-find buttons on the home screen. One provides turn-by-turn directions to their home and the second button is an emergency SOS button that connects to 911 or a pre-assigned contact in case of an emergency. Your older loved one may utilize their preferred apps and stay in touch with their friends and family while being safe thanks to the app's removal* of bloatware, blocking of robocalls* and blocking of spam text messages. The senior's smartphone and the caregiver app sync over the cloud, enabling the caregiver to receive activity alerts and medication reminders via the senior's phone. The software will also let the caregiver know if a family member has strayed too far from home or activated the emergency SOS number. * Performance may vary for Andriod or IOS applications
  • How much does SimpliTend cost?
    All features are included in a single monthly fee of $5.95 paid monthly or annually. The Senior and Caregiver applications are intended to function as a single connected application. After installing both applications, the caregiver is directed to pay the subscription fee.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    The caregiver can cancel the subscription from the senior profile >> subscription plan. After canceling your subscription, please delete the app from both caregiver and senior devices.
  • How does the application whitelisting work?
    The SimpliTend software allows users to choose their preferred apps from their smartphone. Only the specified apps will be displayed in the SimplITend APP screen to the senior, reducing bloatware and clutter. The user can always add more apps to their whitelisted list of apps from the "Frequently used app" settings. The user will see this behavior for devices with the Android operating system. For the Iphone the device will display all apps, however, the inactive apps are grayed out.
  • How does white listing of contacts work?
    This feature allows the user to add up to ten friends and family contacts to their SimpliTend contact list, including their caregiver. The Android user can only receive calls from the ten contacts registered in the SimpliTend contact list. All other calls are blocked, resulting in fewer spam calls, robocalls, and unwanted phone calls. Please keep in mind that iPhone users can also receive calls from contacts on the SimpliTend contact list. Similarly to the Android operating system, all other calls from the phone contact list will be prohibited. However, the IOS operating system does not block unrecognized or spam calls.
  • What data is collected from my phone?
    Please read our privacy policy ( to learn more about the information we collect and how we safeguard your personal information. You will also be able to see your rights based on where you live.
  • Sometimes the location stays stale, why?
    Location updates stop if internet connectivity fails. Rest assured that the location continues to be logged and will be synced with our servers when internet connectivity is available again.
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